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Greetings from Ken McRitchie. I may be an astrological anomaly. It is uncommon to be interested in astrology mainly for its theory because most people just want to practice astrology as a technology and improve their skills. For a brief while, I did practice astrology and read charts for clients, but I quickly became aware of conflicts between astrology and science, and this is what I really wanted to study. I have studied and thought about astrology for over thirty years.

It is my belief that astrologers know what they know by the same methods that are used to develop any technology, through observation, rational inference, and the sharing of information. While reasoned discourse is necessary in astrology as in any discipline, many of the arguments and much of the evidence in presumed scientific claims against astrology are based on flawed reasoning and misperceptions of what astrology really is, and what it can and cannot do. My work is offered to shed light on the astrological premise, important discoveries, and the limitations of both science and astrology.

My 2004 book Environmental Cosmology presents most of the details of my development of a theory of astrology and methods of its application. In this book I describe how the main features of astrology can be reverse engineered and simplified into basic structures and principles. In order to understand something complex like astrology, it is necessary to reduce it to essentials that everyone, both astrologers and scientists, can agree to in principle, without throwing too much away.

Some might say that I have oversimplified astrology, thrown too much away. Yet I have only removed some of the mystery for the sake of understanding the magic, magic being the part of technology that is not understood. There is a need for magic and mystery, just as there is a need for theory and science. I have chosen to develop the later need because magic is always outgrown. Both magic and science are filled with wonders of a different sort.

In my simplified view of the discipline, I compare the natural symmetries used in astrology with evaluative structures used in the social sciences, particularly those structures that deal with shared values, skills, and beliefs. Additionally, I have examined operations within these structures that pertain to evaluative studies of love and personality development, as well as a mechanism of psychological projection and influence. More recently, I have begun to examine similarities in concepts between quantum mechanics and astrology.

It is my belief that the common ground between astrology and quantifiable studies of learning and personality will contribute to an improved understanding of mind, life, culture, and nature.